Who we are ?

We are a group of experienced Investment Brokers based in Europe.

Our main goal is to provide financial freedom for our customers. 

The page was created to set a new standard. ZarFund began the revolution of online donation platforms.

For us and our clients, we wanted more with less effort. More, means more Bitcoins, less means less levels, less people, quicker payouts.


That's why we created BITCOINS-FOR.ME . 

We actually almost decentralized this platform. This means, we have an administrator, who checks if everything is running like it should and everything else, is in the hand of the user.

We had enough of all these scams on the internet, fake promises and so on.

Here you can actually get independent and wealthy. This is a pure donation platform. Member to member. Not more nothing less.

We have integrated several partners and their SUPERMATRIX program, what means, we are filling  the empty spaces with people, no more missing money or payments.

If we see that someone is able to upgrade, we will inform that person and do everything necessary, that everybody will earn their share.


Who is the Admin ?

My name is Warren and i am the admin of this page. I was chosen because of my background as an Investment Broker with a trustworthy reputation, was recommended by several people and my knowledge about Online investments and Donation platforms.

If you need anything and have questions about the site, i am here for you. You can write in english and german to [email protected]


Join the adventure and register now !

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